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Aug 8

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We’d love for you to become our next full time or part time content writer!

Think of working with Mint Studios as a career accelerator opportunity. By working with us, you’ll:

  • Work alongside some of the top experts at the cutting edge of the content marketing industry
  • Have the opportunity to work with a variety of high-end clients in the fintech industry
  • Be trained one-on-one on all things content and content marketing
  • Have a direct impact on the client portfolios you’re working with (and be able to add real numbers and results to your CV!)
  • Get very good at project management, client communication and managing content processes
  • Learn how to write articles that are succinct, to the point, and can sell and convert readers
  • Have a great portfolio of articles that have driven results, allowing you to always be able to take on clients and freelance work (if you’d like)

What you’ll be doing:

  • Working with 2 - 3 clients to create 6 - 9 articles per month
  • Each article goes through a questionnaire/brief, then two rounds of edits
  • Articles are in-depth, often based on recordings of interviews with experts and are often focused on the client’s product
  • Collaborating with your content strategist
  • Being in our Slack group and communicating regularly

What we’re offering

Skills we value:

  • Flexibility. You’re comfortable with change. We may have to change the clients you write for based on need. Though we’re not a fast-paced environment, we are constantly innovating and striving to improve our systems and processes as are the companies we work with.
  • Responsibility. We expect you to adhere to our guidelines, turn in your articles on time (or let us know asap when you need to change a deadline), double check your research for articles that are not interview based, and only use research from original, trusted and recent sources.
  • Continuous Learning. We value the love of learning over experience. At the beginning, you may have to reverse engineer our published articles to best learn our style. We don’t write top of the funnel articles, like “What is Fintech”. We write pain point SEO and value specificity. We get deep into the benefits and advantages of a clients product features so potential customers can understand if it’s the right product for them. The more specific the writing, the better and more effective to turning readers into buying customers.
  • Empathy: writing to sell means you constantly have to put yourself in your reader’s shoes. This is a lot easier if you love digging deep into people’s pain points and human psychology.
  • To the point: our writing is very much to the point since we’re writing to sell, not to entertain.
  • Open to feedback: like most industries, you become a better writer by taking and implementing feedback!
  • Responsive: some pieces of content will require back and forth.
  • Curiosity: it helps if you like finance, fintech and are curious about the sector.
  • Organisation. We’ll never use “but we’re a small business” as an excuse to not be organised. Every time we do something twice, it’s documented, and there’s a systems manual to make sure we always know how to do what’s needed.
  • Systems thinking. We always seek out and create systems-centred solutions for any recurring tasks and challenges

We are for you, if:

  • You like processes and systems. We are all very detail oriented and rigorous, which means there is always a plan and a document on how to do things. You won’t ever be left in the dark with a lack of direction
  • You like flexibility. Everyone works on their own hours. As long as deliverables are on time and you’re able to do the required calls with experts and clients, we don’t care when you work
  • You love putting yourself in the position of the reader. Our content approach is to create content that turns readers into customers. That means you’ll be using a lot of empathy to understand what readers want. You’ll also be able to see first hand how your work creates customers for our clients!
  • You want to see the results of your efforts. We help our clients generate leads and customers with content, which means you’ll be able to see the direct results of your content strategy efforts via their Google Analytics and spreadsheets.
  • You are detail oriented. We document systems and we like keeping things organised, so we’re a big fan of details.
  • You like working with great writers. Our writers go through a vetted process and understand the way we work. They are tremendous to work with and don’t require a huge amount of rewriting and editing.

A bit about us:

At Mint Studios, we’ve all been writers.

I, Araminta, founder and manager of Mint Studios, started out as a content writer at a fintech company, and worked my way to becoming a content strategist.

Everyone in the team starts out as a writer and only goes on to become a strategist once they’ve mastered the writing side of our work.

At Mint Studios, we are writer-led. We understand that a content agency cannot operate without its writers and that writers are at the core of our service offering. We know that writers are not machines, designed to churn out as many blog posts as possible.

Mint Studios is a content marketing agency that helps fintech companies turn their blogs into customer acquisition channels. We highly recommend reading this post to understand more why I (Araminta) set up this agency and what our approach is: Why I Set Out to Build a Fintech Content Marketing Agency

Our main differentiation point from other agencies is that we create content that is optimised for conversions and leads, not just traffic.

Although we only work with fintech companies, these range from crypto, to budgeting apps, to enterprise payments companies and consultancies. You won’t be writing about the same topics over and over again.

Important: you don’t need to have a background in finance or fintech to work with us. What we really care about is if you take the time to put yourself in the reader’s shoes, if you take the time to understand the product, what differentiates it from competitors and how they help customers.

This type of work is not for someone who just wants to bang out quick blog posts and not get involved with the team. Creating one blog post requires a lot of collaboration — that’s what it takes to create high-quality articles.

  1. You first will have to fill in a questionnaire, where you answer questions about what you think the reader wants
  2. Once that’s reviewed, you’ll write the first draft
  3. Once that’s reviewed, you’ll write the second draft

What is Bottom of the funnel content?

Essentially, it’s content that sells specific products and turns readers into customers. For example, for a digital business bank, we would want to rank for “best business bank”. This is a lot more useful than ranking for Top of the Funnel content (TOFU) like “best business books”.

What are some real examples of BOFU content?

Below are some examples of BOFU pieces of content that we’ve written, and are the type of posts you’d be writing. As you’ll see they often involve including case studies and explaining features in detail. They will require deep understanding of the product, which is usually a lot more fun and interesting.

In order to understand the topic/product well, we’ll send through a recording of an interview with an internal expert at the client’s company.

Here are some examples of BOFU content:

We recommend reading this article to get a feel of what BOFU is: What is BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) Content and Why Is it Important?

We’re writing to sell, which means the articles we produce are not news articles to inform, and are not blogger-style article to entertain. That means we don’t like fluff. We want to stay away from introductions that start with “Owning a business can entail a myriad of financial transactions — many of which may require more cash than you have on hand”

Examples of intros we like:

  • “In a recent announcement, Yolt revealed their decision to close down their budgeting app.”
  • “If you or your employees have started using their own credit or debit cards to pay for company expenses, then you know what that means: it’s time to get a business credit card.”
  • “At XXX, many of us have first-hand experience getting financing for our companies.”


If you’re interested, please send an email to araminta@mintcopywritingstudios.com with:

  • Samples of articles you’ve written or edited yourself
  • Comments on how would you improve this article: Xero vs MYOB vs Parpera: Which One's Best for You?
  • A video OR written cover letter telling us a bit about yourself and why you’re interested in this job

You can read more about how we think and our approach here:

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